About Smart Sunday

Smart Sunday was founded in 2008 with the belief that the Internet could make a real difference in organizational performance.

Over the years we have developed many applications (all cloud based) that enable people to thrive in their job and communities.

We incorporated new technologies such as videoconferencing, mobile applications and innovative ideas to be the enabler of better performance and stronger teams.

5 Awards won


Result Driven

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15 Ideas

Turned into innovations every year

Capture your audience

5 Awards


Our Beliefs

Lifting weight is a team effort

Look for the stars

It is our belief that a software company should look for the stars and translate idea's into generic deployable software. Finding common ground and inspiring users to explore beyond their comfort zone, that is what lays down the road for the future.

Lifting weight is a team effort

Lifting weight is a team effort

How will you face the challenge? As a company it is our belief that we should be more than a business partner for our customers. We actively seek for obstacles and opportunities. We go into discussion and look for the solution that will fit.

Lifting weight is a team effort

Happy state of mind

Aligning personal goals with corporate goals is essential in a happy state of mind. We belief that people centricity will help us growing and achieving the values and goals we stand for.