Magnetz is a community-platform that enables you to engage your community. Multi-media, event management, member-zone and much more.

For Customers

For Customers

For Members

For Members

Building stronger communities is building relationships.

Member Zone

Create a member-area where you can share, discuss and engage with your community


Use powerfull multimedia tools to create unique content for your community

Event Management

Create events and follow up on them as you go. Appoint tasks within your team and make every event a success.

Knowledge Database

Create your own database and share content with your community.

Keep in touch with your base has never been easier


Our software modules offer digital solutions for online learning. You can easily make e-books, video-trainings, certificates with testing, learning paths and much more.

Classroom Training

If you need to manage hundreds of people following courses or seminars, you need to have a module that administrates everything for you. We provide such a module.


Video is the new black. We provide several modules that enhance the use of video in your software. Live-streaming, video conferencing and web meetings are just several point solutions of our software.

Competence Management

A user, manager, trainer or administrator can easily manage competences in the system.

Performance Management

Personal Development Plans can give you the comfort of track and trace all the individual performances within your organisation.

Event Management

Our event planning tool makes it easy to follow up registrations, send automatic updates and manage hospitality and travel.

24 languages

Software is available in 24 languages. It doesn’t matter if you are a multinational or start-up. Our modules will fit your organisation.


You can integrate all business software with our application programming interface (API). Combining your HR active directory, accounting software, CRM or ERP modules is within the possibilities.

Mobile App

Our software is fully supported in smartphones and tablets.

Do you have a plan for your high potentials?